Sales us your pre-owned Rolex and other watches

Fine Jewelry

Stone Setting

Lost a stone that was close to your heart and brought many memories? No longer do you have to worry, create new memories with our precious and semi precious stones s which our jeweler can replace in matters of minutes.

Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing

Don’t wear jewelry because it has become too dirty? Jewelry Cleaning is sometimes very simple and the majority of people who try sometimes end up ruining a piece of jewelry. Come by our location and we will have your precious jewelry cleaned in the blink of an eye.

Ring Sizing

Ever lost a ring because it was too loose, or maybe you can’t take of that ring because its too tight? No worries our expert jeweler will have your problem fixed in less than an hour. Come by our store and shop while you wait!

Custom Jewelry Designs

Want to be unique amongst your friends and family by possesing a one of a kind design? All of that can be accomplished with our amazing jewelry design software which allows us to take even older pieces of jewelry and transform them into the jewelry of your dreams.

Jewelry Mounting & Prong Retipping

Afraid of losing that precious stone on your ring? Don’t go another day worrying about it, come by our store and have your jewelry serviced. Have the prongs which hold both the precious stones and memories retipped, and have stones which you’d like to be mounted on jewelry be mounted.

Chain Soldering & Bracelet Repair

Can’t wear those pieces of jewelry you love because they are broken? No worries, our expert jeweler will have you wearing your favorite pieces in less than an hour. We specialize in professionally soldering and repairing fine jewelry. We can give a guarantee on your pieces of jewelry after we have repaired them.